Quran for Muslims Proper Understanding

Quran For Beginners – A Step By Step Study Guide For New Muslims To Understand The Quran

Reading the Quran is a way Muslims can understand the words of Allah. Without the Quran, we will be in complete darkness because it is the light of guidance for us.  As a Muslim, we all should understand what the Quran is. We need some guidance for understanding the Quran. This article gives you a good chance to learn about the Quran. You will learn that the Quran is the most valuable companion for us. The following is a guide of the Quran for Beginners to understand this Holy Book.

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What is the Quran All About?

The Quran is the fountainhead of guidance for us. Allah sent this sacred Book to our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It contains the commands of Allah and is a complete code of conduct for us. So the practical implementation of the Quran in our lives is very important. This book is Allah’s blessing for us. The messages in the Quran are valid for all times. The Quran is in Arabic but if you want to understand the meanings of the Quran, you can read the translation in 103 different languages of the world. The most common language is English. You can choose the Quran for beginners in English to understand what is written in it. You can enrol in Quran courses to learn what the Quran all about is. Taking the guidance of a teacher is very important for the new Muslims because they need to learn the Quran from the beginning.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established the practical teachings of the Quran. The Muslims follow his teachings both in thought and conduct. The Quran has a distinctive approach and its teachings are based on the general welfare of mankind. The Muslims after the deep study of the Quran will be able to understand what the Quran teaches us. This is a long debate that can only be summarized in this article.

How The Quran Was Revealed

Allah sent this Book to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through an angel Gabriel (A.S). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation of the Quran when he was 40 years old. The revelation came to Him when He was in the cave of Hira. The Quran is a revelation and it means reading or recitation. It was the month of Ramadan when Allah sent his first revelation. The first revelation started with the word “Iqra”. It means to read. Allah did not send the Quran at once instead it was revealed in parts.

 How Quran Was Compiled Into Book Form

After every revelation, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to appoint a scribe to record it. At that time some companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also memorized the Quran. But then they felt the need to preserve it in an organized written form. So the companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saved the Holy messages for the future generations hence, they compiled the verses in a Book in the time of the first caliph, Abu Bakr. After the Prophet, it was felt that the collection of the Quran should be written in one volume. This compilation provided an easy way to learn to read the Quran in a systematic way. The presentation of the Quran after the final revelation is called the Arz al-Akhirah.

The Quran was compiled in a book form very carefully because it is the Holy Book of Allah. The Quran is the guidance for all of humanity and the messages of Allah in the Quran are for all times.

Major Themes of the Quran

The major themes of the Quran include Allah, man, civilization, revelation, and prophecy. The Quran gives an explanation of the word Allah. This word is repeated several times in the Quran. The Quran says that Allah is Creator and Sustainer of the world. He is the only source of guidance for mankind. Man is another major theme of the Quran. The Quran says that man is Allah’s creature just like other creatures. Quran speaks to man regardless of race, tribe, social position, colour, financial condition or genealogy. The aim of the Quran is to set up a practical social order on earth on the basis of justice and ethics.

Reading the Quran in a Proper Manner

Reading the Quran in a proper manner is only possible if you follow the essentials of the recitation. For proper reading, learning Quran with Tajweed is very important. Tajweed is the set of rules that you must know for proper recitation. Tajweed also guides you how to read Quran correctly. It is therefore important for you to learn Tajweed if you want to learn the correct recitation of the Quran.

How To Memorize The Quran Quickly And Easily

Memorizing the Quran is an honourable act. All the Muslims appreciate memorizing the Quran. If you want to know how to learn Quran fast, you need to hire a tutor who is also Hafiz e Quran. You need to be persistent and patient when you want to memorize the Quran. Memorization becomes easy if you understand the meanings of the verses. So you should first understand the meanings of the Quran and then try to memorize it. It is a better way to start from the shorter Surah and then move to the longer ones. In the beginning, you will feel some difficulty but after some time you will find it easy to memorize.

Understand the Quran with Pak Quran Academy

To help you understand the Quran in a step by step manner, Pak Quran Academy offers you the best Quran courses. You will very soon learn to read, understand and also memorize the Quran with our Academy. Our expert teachers will help you plant Allah’s words in your mind. Start learning the Quran with us as we offer special Quran courses for the new Muslims.


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